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Sex therapist manchester

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Sex sex therapist manchester are qualified counsellorsdoctors or healthcare professionals therapisg have done extra training in helping people with difficulties relating to sex. Lots of people have a problem with sex at some point in their life.

sex therapist manchester Some people deal with these problems themselves. For others, sexual problems can cause a lot of distress and unhappiness. A sex therapist will listen to you describe your problems and assess whether the cause is likely to be psychological, physical or a combination of the two.

Talking about and exploring your experiences will help you get a better understanding of what sex therapist manchester happening and the reasons. The therapist may also give you exercises and tasks to do with your sex therapist manchester in your own time. Each therapy session is completely confidential. You can see a sex therapist by yourself, but if your problem affects your partner as well, it may chariton phone chat better for mxnchester both to attend.

The therapist may advise you to have weekly sessions or to see sex therapist manchester less frequently, such as once a month. Your GP can refer you to a sex therapist if they think it will help you.

However, sex therapy is not available on the NHS in all areas, and nanchester NHS clinic may only offer a sex therapist manchester number of therapy sessions. Read the answers to more questions about sexual health. Page last reviewed: Home Common health questions Sexual health Back to Sexual health.

What does a sex therapist do? A sex therapist helps people with sexual problems. Why do people have sex therapy?

A sex therapist can help people sex therapist manchester various sexual problems, including: In men: What happens in a sex therapy session? How can I find a sex therapist? Further information What can cause orgasm problems in women?

What can cause premature, delayed or dry orgasms? Can premature ejaculation be controlled?