Landlord Representation - Marketing Program

The overall objective is to create traffic and to generate interest in the property. This marketing plan will be designed to reach prospective users and to expose your property to those individuals, agencies and economic development organizations that deal on a daily basis in real estate matters.

Our marketing objectives are as follows:

To conduct a highly directed marketing program specifically tailored to previously identified prospects and designed to promote the property in the most effective manner possible.

To continually and regularly keep you advised of all prospects, interests, market conditions and trends in order to make certain that all avenues for success are explored.

Achieving these objectives requires that strategies be set and actions be taken in seven principal categories

To assure total market coverage, Furman Wood, a Partner at Commercial Property Professionals in will have primary marketing responsibility and will conduct the day-today leasing program. Resume and references are available on the CPP website.
Prior to presenting your property to the market, we will develop a check list of questions pertaining to the property, the surrounding amenities, and the market competition. We would collect and analyze information regarding your property, as well as alternative properties, in order to be in a position to identify advantages relative to the competition. This process would require meetings and discussions with you and any individuals you feel appropriate. We would augment this process with relevant information obtained from the county and state governments regarding roads, zoning, variances, flood plain, utilities, and other relevant data. We have already gathered and analyzed much of this information.
Once the CPP marketing team has a complete understanding of your facility, a presentation format will be established to succinctly and effectively communicate the facts and advantages of your facility to the Atlanta brokerage community and prospective tenants. The following marketing tools are suggested, which would be provided by CPP.

  • Promotional Brochure: A color brochure featuring a photograph of the facility will be designed and printed. A map and the most relevant information on the property will be included.
  • Miscellaneous Material: An information package will be prepared regarding taxes, road improvements, employment, demographics, utilities and other related data.
  • Brokerage Promotion:
    Since Atlanta has an active and extensive brokerage community, we would first contact each of the major brokerage houses. We will inform each broker of the availability and attributes of your property. Every active commercial real estate broker in the Atlanta area will receive a brochure on a bi-monthly basis through the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Board’s Listserve. The brochure will also be available on the CPP website.

    Local Market Exposure:
    Signage – The property will be signed with a CPP “Available Space” sign immediately

    Prospect contact within the metropolitan Atlanta market place will be organized based upon our in-house market information system. Selecting prospects according to standard industrial classifications and geographical location allows us to contact the most logical group of prospective tenants first. We will then systematically expand the prospect groups until all candidates have received information on your property.

    In addition, a physical cold calling (door-to-door) program will be initiated in order to get face to face with potential prospects.

    National/International Market Exposure:
    We will input the property on our nationally known databases Costar Information Services and Loopnet Information Services.
    We would appreciate an opportunity to discuss advertising ideas for your property with you. Generally, we feel that advertising for your facility should be limited to a few local real estate and business publications such as Dorey’s Industrial Guide, Black’s Guide, and possibly the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Continued close contact will be maintained with the appropriate County Chamber of Commerce, Georgia Economic Development and the Georgia Department of Industry and Trade.
    We will report to you on a monthly basis the accomplishments and results of the marketing effort. If requested this report would be in the form of a written outline of what has occurred and a discussion of objectives for the coming month. Input from you would always be valued and appreciated. Of course, discussions would likely occur on a more frequent basis as we work together on prospect requirements, proposals, etc.

    Salesman’s Primary Responsibilities:

    Ensure that telephone and personal calls are made on prospects in the logical market areas. These calls will be programmed on a priority basis to contact first those businesses which are the most logical prospects.

    Coordinate the decimination of descriptive information to CPP staff and outside brokers.

    Counsel with you and make recommendations concerning the structure of proposed transactions.

    Be available at all times for telephone calls.

    Coordinate tours of the property with interested prospects and cooperating brokers.

    Negotiate and obtain approved signatures on contracts, letters of intent, leases, etc.

    Handle all interface required with any procuring broker, negotiate commission agreements, etc.

    Assist prospective buyer in obtaining financing and information on the property such as building specs, surveys, legal description, zoning, utilities, etc.

    Participate in closing if necessary.