Investment Sales

Commercial Property Professionals (CPP) provides turnkey solutions for individual building owners, pension funds, asset managers and financial institutions in the arena’s of evaluation, repositioning, forecasting and, when required, disposition of commercial assets. CPP is a full service-oriented company who attributes their success to building long-term relationships with our clients, whether they are financial institutions, landlords, tenants, contractors or commercial real estate brokers.

CPP provides these services to our clients through the following steps. We can customize the Asset Management & Investment Program to accommodate each of our clients various needs.

The overall objective is to create traffic and to generate interest in the property. This marketing plan will be designed to reach prospective users and to expose your property to those individuals, agencies and economic development organizations that deal on a daily basis in real estate matters.

  • Provide an initial asset evaluation and asset repositioning report.
  • Based on our asset repositioning recommendation CPP will, negotiate and procure competitive bids for outside vendor contracts and timetables for any asset renovation.
  • Oversee and administer the completion of all required capital and tenant improvements.
  • Make annual recommendations to the owner for capital budgeting.
  • Implement a preventative maintenance program for building mechanical systems, roof, parking, and truck loading surfaces.
  • Make bi-monthly site inspections, complete inspection report form (see attached), and take appropriate action, when required.
  • Meet with prospective tenants and architects / space planners to plan and price tenant finish improvements.
  • Identify scope of work to be done and determine the most cost-effective method of performing work.
  • Secure competitive bids on all capital and tenant improvements.
  • Review and obtain approval of construction documents and lien waivers.
  • Interface with governmental agencies to expedite any required permitting, including compliance with ADA.
  • Coordinate activities between tenant and contractor during construction.
  • Provide on-site supervision during construction work.
  • Monitor all costs as each job progresses.
  • Document and coordinate all change orders.
  • Coordinate new services with tenants prior to move-in (i.e., utilities, telephones, electric, etc.) and provide any needed contacts for new tenants in the event of problems or questions.
  • Submit annual operating budgets and make recommendations for capital improvements and forecasting.
  • Generate discounted cash flow analysis utilizing Argus Enterprises, the industry standard in investment analysis software
  • Complete analysis of investment property with regard to positioning the asset for the most advantageous sale price. Analysis includes proposals for all potential capital and operational improvements.
  • Complete premarketing due diligence gathering which provides a shortened due diligence timeframe and fast tracked closing time schedule